Hyysalo, Juntunen & Martiskainen (2018) Energy internet forums as acceleration phase transition intermediaries

Citizen users play important roles in the acceleration phase of energy transitions. Widespread diffusion requires not only the adoption, but also adaptation, reconfiguration and intermediation of S-RETs. New Internet-based energy communities have emerged and have come to act as key user-side transition intermediaries, helping to expand the markets for S-RET beyond enthusiasts and environmentalists to mainstream consumers.

Jalas et al. (2017) Everyday experimentation in energy transition: A practice-theoretical view

In this paper we elaborate on how practice theories can inform the discussion of experimentation, report specific modes of experimentation and innovation, and derive suggestions for effective policy interventions. We also bring forward a set of generic suggestions for more sensitive, appreciative and effective public policies on sustainability transitions and cast experimentation in a particular and partial role in such policies.

Usenyuk, Hyysalo & Whalen (2016) Proximal design: Users as designers of mobility in the Russian North

By examining mobility in remote Arctic areas, we analyze how challenging environmental conditions, while affecting technology performance, evoke people’s creativity and efforts as technology users. Based on historical materials and ethnographic observations of user inventiveness in the transport sector in the Russian North, we define and document a phenomenon of “proximal design” in three different modes.