Jouni Juntunen


PhD candidate, Aalto University School of Business


MSc (Technology) 1996, University of Oulu


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Research Projects

Academy of Finland

  • Local Adaptation and Innovation in Practice in Achieving Carbon Neutrality, 2011-
  • User Innovation Pathways, 2011–

Emil Aaltonen Foundation

  • User Innovation Communities, 2011

Other Academic

  • Reviewer for Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management conference 2013
  • Reviewer got Australasian Conference on Information Systems – ACIS      2011
  • Reviewer for Science & Technology Studies journal

Inventor of issued patents

  • GB2328842 “Monitoring signal quality in a wireless local loop communication system”
  • patentsFI 102498 / US 20010041539 A1 “WLL-terminaali”/ “A wireless terminal communication system”