Pekka Murto (Doctor of Arts) is a postdoctoral researcher in the TRIPOD project. Prior to joining INUSE in early 2018, Pekka carried out research for his doctoral thesis on design in complex and networked product development, with a specific focus on design management and sustainable design in the shipbuilding industry. In addition to academic research, Pekka has experience of working as an industrial design consultant, both in a design consultancy and as a micro-entrepreneur.

Selected publications
Murto, P. (2017). Design integration in complex and networked product development: a case study of architectural design in the development process of a greener passenger ship. Aalto University Doctoral Dissertations 185/2017. Helsinki: Aalto ARTS Books

Murto, P., & Person, O. (2015). Environmentally Sustainable Design in a Business Network: A Study on the Position of Designers in the Development of a Passenger Ship. DESIGN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 10(1), 37-49.

Ahola, M., Murto, P., Kujala, P., & Pitkänen, J. (2014). Perceiving safety in passenger ships -User studies in an authentic environment. SAFETY SCIENCE, 70, 222-232.

Murto, P., Person, O., & Ahola, M. (2014). Shaping the face of environmentally sustainable products: Image boards and early consumer involvement in ship interior design. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 75, 86-95.

pekka.murto at aalto.fi