List of Publications Feb 2018, Sampsa Hyysalo

*** Indicates journal rank in Finnish publication forum (JuFo) world top 5% (3) category
** Indicates journal rank in Finnish publication forum (JuFo) field leading top 20% (2) category
*  Indicates journal rank in Finnish publication forum (JuFo) basic level (1) category of verified high quality scientific outlet

Full length articles in international refereed journals:

  • ***Hyysalo, S. Juntunen, J.K, Martiskainen, M (2018) “Energy Internet forums as acceleration phase transition intermediaries”. Research Policy.
  • **Mok, L., & Hyysalo, S., (2018) Design for Sustainable Transition through Value Sensitive Design. Design Studies 54 (1) 162-183.
  • ***Miettinen, V & Hyysalo, S (2018) “Mundane and Strategic work in Collaborative Design”. Design issues 34 (3).
  • **Jalas, Mikko, Sampsa Hyysalo, Eva Heiskanen, Raimo Lovio, Ari Nissinen, Maija Mattinen, Jenny Rinkinen, Jouni K. Juntunen, Pasi Tainio, and Heli Nissilä. (2017). “Everyday Experimentation in Energy Transition: A Practice-Theoretical View.” Journal of Cleaner Production. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.03.034.
  • **Hyysalo, S., Johnson, M., Juntunen, J.K. (2016) The diffusion of consumer innovation in sustainable energy technologies, Journal of Cleaner Production, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.09.045.
  • *Helminen, P., Mäkinen, S. & Hyysalo, S. (2017) Organizational adoption of the lead user method: A follow-up study. International Journal of Business Excellence.
  • ***Usenyuk, S., Hyysalo, S. & Whalen, J. (2016) Proximal Design: Users as Designers of Mobility in the Russian North. Technology and Culture 57 (4) 866-908.
  • *Hakkarainen, L. & Hyysalo, S. (2016) The Evolution of Intermediary Activities: Broadening the Concept of Facilitation in Living Labs. Technology Innovation Management Review. 6 (1) 45-58.
  • **Hyysalo, S. (2016) Sosiologinen Materia – Toimijaverkostoteoreettisen tutkimustarinan ohennus. Sosiologia 53 (3) 275- 291.
  • * Hyysalo, S., Repo, P., Timonen, P. Hakkarainen, L. Heiskanen, E. (2016) Diversity and change of user driven innovation modes in companies. International Journal of Innovation Management. 20 (2).
  • **Juntunen, J & Hyysalo, S (2015) Renewable micro-generation of heat and electricity – Review on common and missing socio-technical configurations. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 49, 857-870.
  • **Kohtala, C & Hyysalo, S. (2015) Anticipated environmental sustainability of personal fabrication. Journal of clearner production (99), 333-344
  • ***Hyysalo, Sampsa & Usenyuk, Svetlana (2015). User dominated technology era – Dynamics of dispersed peer innovation. Research policy. 44 (3), 560-576.
  • *Hyysalo, S., Helminen, P., Mäkinen, S., Johnson, M. Juntunen, J. & Freeman, S (2015) Intermediate Search Elements and Method Combination in Lead-User Searches. International Journal of Innovation Management. 19 (1-37).
  • **Hyysalo, S & Johnson, M (2015) The User as Relational Entity: Options that Deeper Insight into User Representations Opens for Human-Centered Design. Information Technology & People 28 (1) 72 – 89.
  • *Hyysalo, S, Kohtala, C, Helminen, P, Mäkinen, S, Miettinen, V & Muurinen,L. (2014) Collaborative futuring with and by makers. CoDesign 10 (3-4), 209-228.
  • *Hyysalo, S & Hakkarainen, L. (2014) What difference does a living lab make? Comparison of two health technology innovation projects. CoDesign 10 (3-4), 191-208.
  • ***Pollock, N & S Hyysalo (2014) The Business of Being a User: The Role of the Reference Actor in Shaping Packaged Enterprise System Acquisition and Development Mis Quarterly 38 (2), 473-496.
  • **Mattinen, M, Nissinen, A, Hyysalo, S & Juntunen, J (2014) Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of air-source heat pump and innovative ground-source air heat pump in cold climate. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 07/2014; DOI: 10.1111/jiec.12166.
  • **Johnson, M, Mozaffar, H, Campagnolo, G. M., Hyysalo, S. and Pollock, N, Williams, R (2014). ­­The managed prosumer: Evolving knowledge strategies in the design of information infrastructures Information, Communication and Society. 17 (7) 795-813.
  • *Silvast, A, Hänninen, H & Hyysalo, S (2013): Energy in Society: Energy Systems and Infrastructures in Society 26 (3), 3-13.
  • *Hakkarainen, L & Hyysalo, S (2013) How Do We Keep the Living Laboratory Alive? Learning and Conflicts in Living Lab Collaboration. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6 Decembrer, 16-23.
  • **Hyysalo, S. , Juntunen, J. & Freeman, S (2013). User innovation in sustainable home energy technologies. Energy Policy 55 (2013) 490–500
  • *Hyysalo, S. , Juntunen, J. & Freeman, S (2013). Internet Forums and the Rise of the Inventive Energy User. Science & Technology Studies, 26 (1), 25-51.
  • *Botero, A. & Hyysalo, S (2013). Ageing together: Steps towards evolutionary co-design in everyday practices, CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts, 9:1, 37-54.
  • **Johnson, M., Hyysalo., S & Tamminen, S. (2010). Virtuality of Virtual Worlds, or, what can we learn from play-acting horse-girls and marginalized developers. Symbolic Interaction. 33 (4), 603-633.
  • **Heiskanen, E., Hyysalo, S., Kotro, T., & Repo, P. (2010). Constructing innovative users and user-inclusive innovation communities. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 22 (4) 495 — 511.
  • ***Höyssä, M & Hyysalo, S (2009) The fog of innovation: Innovativeness and deviance in developing new clinical testing equipment. Research Policy (5) 984-993.
  • ***Hyysalo, S. (2009). Learning for learning economy and social learning. Research Policy 38 (4), 726-735.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2009) User innovation and everyday practices: Micro-innovation in sports industry development. R&D Management 39 (3) 247-258.
  • *Stewart, J., & Hyysalo, S. (2008). Intermediaries, Users and Social Learning in Technological Innovation. International Journal of Innovation Management, 12(3 (Sept. 2008) ), 295–325.
    • Reprinted : Stewart, J., & Hyysalo, S. (2010). Intermediaries, Users and Social Learning in Technological Innovation. (Pp 57-88.) In Flowers, S & Henwood, F (Eds.) Perspectives on User Innovation. Series on Technology management 16. London: Imperial College Press.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2007). Versions of care technology. Human Technology, an international journal on humans in ICT environments, 3(2), 228-247.
  • *Hyysalo, S, Johnson, M & Heiskanen, E (2007) Introduction to design-use relations in sociotechnical change. Human Technology, an international journal on humans in ICT environments 2007 (1).
  • ***Hyysalo, S. (2006). Practice bound imaginaries in automating the safety of the elderly. Social Studies of Science 36(4) 599-626.
  • **Hyysalo, S. (2006). The role of learning-by-using in the design of healthcare technologies: A case study. The Information Society 22 (2) 89-100.
  • **Hyysalo, S. (2005). Objects and motives in a product design process. Mind, Culture, and Activity 12 (1), 19-36.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2004). ‘Technology Nurtured – Collectives in maintaining and implementing technology for elderly care’. Science Studies 12(2) 23-43.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2004). Users, an emerging human resource for r&d? From preference elicitation towards the joint exploration of users’ needs. International Journal of Human Resouce Development and Management, 4(1), 22-38.
  • **Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2003). An activity-theoretical method for studying user-participation in IS-design. Methods of Information in Medicine, 42(4).
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2003). Some problems in the traditional approaches to predicting the use of a technology-driven invention. Innovation, 16(2), 118-137.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2002). Transforming the object in product design. Outlines, Critical Social Studies, 4(1), 59-83.

Full refereed articles in JuFo ranked conference proceedings

  • *Hyysalo, S., Perikangas, S., Marttila, T., & Auvinen, K. (2018) Catalysing pathway creation for transition governance. Design Research Society 51th International Conference, 25-28 June 2018, Limeric, Ireland.
  • * Luisa Sze-man Mok, Sampsa Hyysalo, Jenni Väänänen. (2016) Design for Sustainable Transition through Value Sensitive Design. Design Research Society 50th International Conference, 27-30 June 2016, Brighton, UK.
  • *M. Johnson, S. Hyysalo, S. Mäkinen, P. Helminen, K. Savolainen, L. Hakkarainen (2014) From Recipes to Meals… and Dietary Regimes: Method Mixes as Key Emerging Topic in Human-Centred Design. ACM Proceedings of the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. 343-352.
  • *Johnson, M & Hyysalo, S. (2012). Lessons for participatory designers of social media: long-term user involvement strategies in industry. Proceedings of the 12th Participatory Design Conference: Research Papers – Volume 1 ACM: New York, NY, USA (Pp 71-80).
  • *Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2002). Contextualizing power in collaborative design. In T. Binder, J. Gregory & I. Wagner (Eds.), PDC 2002 (pp. 93-104). Malmö, Sweden: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Full length chapters in international refereed books

  • ***Hyysalo, S. & Juntunen, J.K (forthcoming) User Innovation and peer assistance in small scale renewable energy technologies. In Davidsson & Gross (eds) Energy in Society Reader. Oxford University Press.
  • ***Hyysalo, S. and Johnson, M. (2016) User representation: A journey towards conceptual maturation. In (eds) Hyysalo, S. Elgaard Jenssen, T. & Oudshoorn, N. The New Production of Users: Changing innovation collectives and involvement strategies. New York: Routledge.
  • ***Hyysalo, S. Elgaard Jenssen, T. & Oudshoorn, N (2016) Introduction: the new production of users. The New Production of Users: Changing innovation collectives and involvement strategies.. New York: Routledge.
  • Heiskanen, E., Hyysalo, S., Jalas, M., Juntunen, J.K. & Lovio, R. (2014). User involvement and radical innovation: The case of heat pumps in Finland. In Juninger, S. & Christensen, P. (Eds.). Highways and Byways of Radical Innovation: The perspective of design. Kolding Design School: Kolding.
  • Hyysalo (2012) Accumulation and Erosion of User Representations or How is Situated Design Interaction Situated in (pp 196-220). In G. Viscusi G.M.Campagnolo and Y.Curzi (Eds.) Phenomenology, Organizational Politics, and IT Design: The Social Study of Information Systems. IGI Global: Hershey, PS, USA.
  • *Hyysalo, S. (2009). Figuring technologies, users and designers – Steps towards an adequate vocabulary for design–use relation In E. Baraldi, H. Håkanson, F. Prenkert & A. Waluschewski (Eds.), Use of Science and Technology in Business: Exploring the impact of using activity for systems, organizations and people (pp. 291-314): Emerald Publishing Group.
  • **Hyysalo, S. (2009). Persistence and effects of structural tensions in designer-user relations. In A. Voss, M. Hartswood, K. Ho, R. Procter, M. Rouncefied, R. Slack, M. Bucher (Eds.), Configuring Designer-User relations: interdisciplinary perspectives. London: Springer – Verlag.
  • Stewart, J & Hyysalo, S (2008) Social learning and intermediaries: charting the mediators between developers and users of new ICT. (in Pierson, J & E Mante-Meijer & E Loos & B Sapio eds). Innovation for/by users. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OPOCE): Brussels.  
  • Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2005). Instrument-oriented history, ethnography and interventions in studying IS-design. In Y. Engeström, Lompscher, J & G. Ruckriem (Eds.), Putting activity theory to work – Contributions from developmental work research (pp. 149-172). Berlin: Lehmans Media.

Full length chapters in Finnish refereed books

  • ** Hyysalo, S (2011) Käyttäjätieto ja teknologian sosiaalinen muotoutuminen in Oulasvirta, A (ed) Ihmisen ja tietokoneen vuorovaikutus. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.
  • ** Hyysalo, S., Lehenkari, J., & Miettinen, R. (2004). Informaatiokumous, tuottaja-käyttäjäsuhteet ja sosiaaliset innovaatiot. In T. Lemola & P. Honkanen (Eds.), Innovaatiopolitiikka (pp. 215-226). Helsinki: Gaudeamus.

Scientific books:

  • ***Hyysalo, S. Elgaard Jenssen, T. & Oudshoorn, N (2016) (Eds) The New Production of Users: Changing innovation collectives and involvement strategies. New York: Routledge
  • ***Hyysalo, S (2010). Health Technology Development and Use: From Practice Bound Imagination to Evolving Impacts. London: Routledge.
  • Hyysalo, S (2009) Käyttäjä tuotekehityksessä—Tieto, tutkimus, menetelmät. Helsinki: Taideteollinen korkeakoulu. (User in product development—Knowledge, research, methods).
    (first edition: Hyysalo, S (2006) Käyttäjätieto ja käyttäjätutkimuksen menetelmät. Edita IT-Press. (User knowledge and methods of user research).
  • Hyysalo, S. (2004). Uses of innovation. Wristcare in the practices of engineers and elderly. Academic dissertation. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press.
  • Miettinen, S. Hyysalo, J. Lehenkari & M. Hasu (2003): Tuotteesta työvälineeksi? Uudet teknologiat terveydenhuollossa. (From product to tool? New technologies in health-care) Helsinki: Stakes.
  • Hyysalo, S. (2000). Yhteistyö ja ajallisuus pet-merkkiaineiden tuotekehityksessä Turku: Turun yliopiston historian laitos, 54. (Collaboration and temporality in development of pet-tracers)

Short referee articles, book reviews and proceedings publications:

  • Hyysalo, S (2013) Book Review: The dynamics of social practice: everyday life and how it changes
  • Elizabeth Shove, Mika Pantzar and Matt Watson. Sage, 2012. Nordic Journal of Science & Technology Studies 1 (1).
  • Hyysalo, S (2009) How packaged software conquers the organization. Review of Pollock & Williams: Software and Organizations. Social Studies of Science 39 (4) 635–642.
  • Hyysalo, S (2008) Yhteisyydet, aineet ja sekoitukset. (Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen: aineellinen yhteisö). Tiede ja Edistys
  • Hyysalo, S (2007) Implicit Representations of Use: Sources, Potential and Risks. (Tiainen et al eds) Proceedings of the 30th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia IRIS 2007.
  • Hyysalo, S (2006) Käyttäjätieto 2000-Luvulla. in Repo, P, Koskinen, I & Grönman, H (Eds) Innovaatioiden kotiutuminen – Kuluttajatutkimuskeskuksen vuosikirja 2006. Helsinki: Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus 151-159.
  • Hyysalo, S (2006) Review of The problem of health technology – Policy implications for modern health care systems (P.Lehoux) The Easst Review
  • Hyysalo, S. (2005). From social shaping to social learning – review of Williams, Stewart & Slack: Social learning in technological innovation. Science Studies, 18(1), 86-88.
  • Hyysalo, S (2005) Terveydenhuollon teknologian käyttöönoton jälkeiset oppimishaasteet. Sotetite 2005. Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon tietotekniikan ja tiedonhallinnan tutkimuspäivät, Helsinki 30.5-01.6.2005, tutkimuspaperit, osaavien keskusten verkoston julkaisuja, 2/2005 (pp.15-19)
  • Hyysalo, S. (2004). Notes on the boring basics stuff in PD proliferation. In A. Bond, A. Clement, F. Cindio, D. Schuler & P. v. d. Besselaar (Eds.), PDC 2004 Artful Integration – Interweaving media, materials and practices (Palo Alto, CA: Computer professionals for social responsibility). Vol. 2, pp. 61-63
  • Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2002b). Yhteissuunnittelu mahdollisuutena ja haasteena diabetesohjelmien kehittämisessä suomessa – tapaus prowellness. In P. Nykänen (Ed.), Sotetite 2002. Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon tietotekniikan ja tiedonhallinnan tutkimuspäivät, joensuu 28.-29.5.2002, tutkimuspaperit, osaavien keskusten verkoston julkaisuja, 3/2002 (pp. 90-95). Helsinki: Stakes.
  • Hyysalo, S. & Suominen, J. (2000a). Teknologian tutkimuksen olemusta pohtimassa. Tekniikan Waiheita, 18(2), 24-31.
  • Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2000). Defining the crucial users – An activity theoretical approach for finding the missing voices. In T. Cherkasky, J. Greenbaum, P. Mambrey & J. K. Pors (Eds.), PDC 2000 Designing Digital Environments (New York: Computer professionals for social responsibility). pp. 283-287.
  • Hyysalo, S. (2000). Representing and Constructing use – An activity theoretical perspective to design work. In T. Cherkasky, J. Greenbaum, P. Mambrey & J. K. Pors (Eds.), PDC 2000 Designing Digital Environments (New York: Computer professionals for social responsibility). pp. 278-282

Publications in professional journals and books

  • Hyysalo, S., Johnson, M., Juntunen, J., Mäkinen, S., Freeman, S. & Hakkarainen, L. (2014) Laajaa käyttäjälähtöisyyttä tanskassa. Timonen, P. & Repo, P. (toim.) Käyttäjälähtöinen Innovaatiopolitiikka neljässä maassa. (pp. 12-20) TEM raportteja 3/2014.
  • Petteri Repo, Päivi Timonen, Eva Heiskanen, Sampsa Hyysalo Hyysalo (2013) Embracing New Ideas in User Driven Innovation Policy. Proceedings of The XXIV ISPIM Conference – Innovating in Global Markets: Challenges for Sustainable Growth Conference held in Helsinki, Finland on 16 to 19 June 2013. ISBN ISBN 978-952-265-421-2.
  • Hyysalo, S & Hatami, Z (2013) Co-Designing the Future Health Care. In (ed. Kinnunen, K & Kivelä, K & Tyyri-Pohjonen, S) Living + for better living environments.
  • Ali-Yrkkö, J, Honkanen, P. , Hyysalo, S, Uotinen, J (2006) Globalisaatio, innovaatio ja kansalaiset – ProActiivisia näkökulmia innovaatiopolitiikkaan. Kauppa ja teollisuusministeriön julkaisuja.
  • Ali-Yrkkö, J, Honkanen, P. , Hyysalo, S, Uotinen, J (2006) Globalisation, innovation and citizens – ProActive perspectives to innovation policy. Publications of Finnish ministry of trade and industry.
  • Hyysalo, S., & Lehenkari, J. (2001b). Diabetestietokantojen kehittämisen haasteet suomessa. Diabetes ja Lääkäri, 30(1), 26-29.