Tatu Marttila (Doctor of Arts) works as a postdoctoral researcher in Smart Energy Transition project, with a focus on strategic co-design with various stakeholders and methods. He also works as a lecturer in CS program (http://acs.aalto.fi) and in Pack-Age minor (http://pack-age.aalto.fi/).

Tatu is an alumnus from the School of ARTS in Aalto University, Finland. His interest is in understanding how design professionals can develop to become an effectual part in facilitating sustainable change, in projects and collaborations as platforms for transdisciplinary action. In his doctoral research, the focus was in inter professional design education in the context of sustainability, and on the first five years of the cross-school CS study program, perceived through an activity theory based research framework.

Selected publications:

Marttila, T. (2018) Platforms of Co-Creation: Learning Interprofessional Design in Creative Sustainability. Doctoral dissertation. Espoo, FI: Aalto University. ISBN: 978-952-60-8136-6. Available at: https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/bitstream/handle/123456789/34038/isbn9789526081366.pdf

Jalas, M., Rask, M. Marttila, T., and Ahonen, T. (2018). Futures in the Making: Facilitating Smart Energy Disruption through a Strategic Delphi Process, in Science & Technology Studies.

Hyysalo, S., Perikangas, S., Marttila, T., & Auvinen, K. (2018). Catalysing Pathway Creation for Transition Governance. In C. Storni, K. Leahy, M. McMahon, P. Lloyd, & E. Bohemia (Eds.) Proceedings of DRS 2018: Catalyst, Vol. 3 (pp. 1023-1040). London, UK: Design Research Society (DRS International Conference Series)