Hyysalo et al. (2017) The diffusion of consumer innovation in sustainable energy technologies

Consumers support the proliferation of sustainable energy technology in contexts where institutions and technology characteristics are not yet fully developed for the wide proliferation. We investigated how consumer created technology solutions diffused. We found that a over one third of projects were part of “innovative peer diffusion” adaptations and further modifications carried out among peers.

Hyysalo et al. (2016) Diversity and change of user driven innovation

User driven innovation (UDI) is a popular term in policy and corporate circles. However, it is not clear exactly what UDI means and how such practices are used across the spectrum of companies and over the innovation life cycle. We compared 58 UDI showcases in Finnish companies to analyse the diversity of UDI practices and their evolution over time. In almost half of the examined cases, the dominant mode of UDI changes at least once, and in some cases, up to three times.